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~~Supercycle Magazine~~ ~~October 1982~~
Six years in the building and he's still not finished. Boy, this guy Barry is a nit-picker. Everything he does has to be just right. I guess Barry's finikiness has paid off where his hog is concerned, just look at the painstaking detail of Barry's '47 Shovel. Barry, like some of us, has to ride his bike awhile before deciding which way to go. If you can believe it Barry's 47 Shovel started out as a black beat-up tired old Knuck that was long overdue for an appointment with Dr. Harley. "It wasn't easy" Barry told us as he sat in our studio soaking up some suds and having a leisurely smoke. "I had to hunt down and scavenge all the good old original parts, and then from there I had to refurbish each one. That's what took so long. That's what took so long. I mean I don't want to put anything on my scooter unless it's right." As the afternoon wore on Barry started getting on my case about photo detail. "Don't forget my dual disc brakes, don't miss my original oil filter that I had to go all the way to Canada to get." I don't blame Barry for wanting a good job, we at Supercycle believe if you can't do a man's machine justice don't shoot it. Barry's lady Roxy who is his dainty and doll-like, makes up Barry's other half. A real fine lady that Roxy is, must be the source of inspiration for Barry's creativity. With a motorcycle like that and a lady like Roxy packin' on the back you can bet Barry gets his share of raves from both ends. Barry's love for motorcycles stretches so far now that he has decided to open his own shop in San Fernando Valley area. Barry's policy is simple, "Treat your customer fairly, and do impeccable work like I do on my own bike, and you'll never have any problem getting business." After viewing Barry's masterpiece of metal and chrome in the form of his '47 Shovel, we can easily say visit Barry and Roxy. They're at Harley-Nostalgia of Tujunga, Ca 91042. (213) 352-9150

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